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aquipa-logo  AQUIPA KEY BENEFITS !

Earn in the forex market

Where Professionals are Trading for YOU !

 Darwinex trading platform is a Exclusive partner of AQUIPA

“All you need to do”  

1) Sign Up In Aquipa for FREE.

2) Open a Free Forex account In Darwinex

3) Deposit Minimal €500 to Darinex, and start following 2 or more Successful Traders

4) Earn like a Professional in 6 ways in Aquipa !

  1. Aquipa with your team over T6 Levels + faststart
  2. Aquipa Profit Share with your Globals 

  3. + 3 Darwinex, compensations ways of your team !

Depending on your AQUIPA BUSINESS LICENSE, you earn faster and more of your team.

The higher your Pack the les members you need to have to get maximum payouts every month !

Profit the First 3 days in Darwinex 3.62% !


Profit in the second week total 1.5 week, 6.92%!




If you are Aim for Aquipa “Title 3”

  • This is the Level where you start to earn a substantial amount of money for you sharing Aquipa with your friends.
  • Already after Only Three months Your earnings can be up to several thousand Euros per Month residual growing every month!
  • On every Title (Level) You have multiple income streams.
  • By reaching Title 3, you will have proven that you earn already Great, and will have learned everything that you need in Aquipa, to make it to the top.
  • If you help others to reach this Title your monthly earnings will increase expansional, every month!

Help others to reach their Titles and your monthly earnings Will Increase EASY.

Aquipa Business License Compensation Plan.

First you purchase a Business License (PRE or PRO) in order to qualify for the Compensation Plan. You see how much you earn per sold Premium and PRO on the previous ”status” page. Please note that you earn 100% of these amounts if you have a PRO License and 50% if you have a Premium license.

To reach a higher title, you will need to help others in your group to reach a higher title. It doesn’t matter on which tier they are, as long as they are in your group. So to become a T3 you need 7 of your own customers and then two users that have reached T2 after two different direct members to yourself. You also need a third user that has reached T1 after another direct member to yourself. It doesn’t matter on which tier these T2 and T1 are.

To make the breakaway more efficient, the Compensation attached to each title is attached in the following way:

  • T1 & T2
  • T3 & T4
  • T5 & T6

The same user can only qualify for one of the Compensations on each level (so either T1 or T2, either T3 or T4 etc.) If you are a T6 (the highest possible title) and sell a PRO license, you qualify for the Direct Compensation, also the highest of T1 & T2 (T1), the highest of T3 & T4 (T3) as well as the highest of T5 & T6 (T5). This means that you can have up to four income streams on the same sale. The Compensation for T2, T4 and T6 goes further up in the chain until it finds someone having the title.

Meet the owners In Amsterdam 6+7 Dec 2016 

  • aquipa-partners-the-owners-in-amsterdam-6-7-dec-2016

If you like to meet the CEO in Amsterdam contact me by Skype : talk2david2

  • Be able to invite others to Darwinex and get rewarded for it.
  • When you deposit to Darwinex within 30 days, you get a Welcome Bonus (Aquipa Globals).
  • Get access to other game changing products like Darwinex.

The only thing you now need to do is to set your Aquipa Account, so you can login and activate your FREE Aquipa account.

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