After you start. How to use the platform of Meoclick?

  1. Login.
  2. In the pre launch you need to buy the 50% Golden pack at first. 
  3. You don’t need to pay for it, directly. You can wait until the program is up and running completely. Than you have 30 days to pay for Golden pack.
  4. How ever it is up to you if you like to star direct to earn every week without clicking for the pre launch time, this is what I am doing now for 24 weeks, repurchase the new coupons. I have start with only the Golden pack, up till today I have 345 Coupons from the commission’s and my own coupons, not bad haha.
  5. If you skip nr. 3, than you can start building a team. Sign them up, also following step 1. That is all 😉 .  

How to use the commission’s?

  1. Log in Go to, 
    • Mon compte de parrainage
      • Vos commissions
      • Dow on the page you will see the amount you can transfer, use only a (.) in the amount not an (,) you will get an error.
      • Puche the black button.
      • You will go now directly to the many screen of your earnings.
      • Now you can go to :
      • Depending on your money in the account you can buy 1 or the 10 pack or even bigger like the 20 coupons pack, or 50 – 100. You will safe money in the big packs. up to 50 Euros in the 100 coupons pack.