There are more partners with AffilGo who will share the profit with the members of Crowd1.

This calculation is showing that if there are 4 players (based upon 4*100000) are all playing €50 in a month and you have a Level 4 in the Crowd1 and also direct in the AffilGo account. Your passive income = €2046 of that Pool!

The better your position in the system the less people are in that Level, the split of the 5% on Level 4 is for all who are on Level 4. The higher the Level the les members are there to split the Level bonus an you will earn more! For Level 4 you need to have 5000 points of your own team, so not of your spillover of the power leg. 

Every Level will give you more income potential

Your Gaming Company REAL PASSIVE Income

You will as an part of the Crowd1 affiliate Community, profit from the company’s agreement with online gaming and gambling Companies. This is a Real PASSIVE Income stream, in The biggest online industry most People understand and know! With a lot of excitement and fun experiences. The Levels are like Pools (example Level 9 is 5% of the total profit made in AffilGo You will earn ± 10403.71 per month with only 100K members playing for €50) imagine that 300K members ar playing, 30758.79 per month! At this moment there are already over 410,500 members in Crowd1 active.


The Mobile-smartphone Internet use has increased rapidly, estimated over 95% in 2019! Crowd1 is always in the forefront of the technology, featuring fully on android an iOS app store with a responsive website adapted for the smartphone usage, delivering a fantastic mobile experience for all our team members. Who can show directly the business and posities and earnings thy have made already every day!