We Share crowdfunding proof of Earnings

At this time there are problems with the credit card delivery and payments to the pay processors. It was working fine in the beginning. We will update if all is working without problems.

Easier to earn online !

1 time investment of 200$ !

In 3 month over 1000$ per day withdrawals TO PayPal or the We $hare CrowdFunding credit card (debit card)

Ask us how ! 

we share crowdfunding proof of earnings 19-24 03 2015 we share crowdfunding prove of earnings 23+24 03 2015 we share crowdfunding prove of earnings 17-19 03 2015

we share crowdfunding prove of earnings 6-1- 03-2015


How it works !

There are 7 Floors. Every floor has 3 Steps. When you have received the Donation of the person below you will go to the next Step over and over until you like to withdraw the money or when all Floors are completely  payed. Than you never ever have to give away your sharing to grow in the Step up program.

The money is always spit up 50% to the first in line. 25% to 2 persons who are qualified  to get the Donation.

You can click on every picture to open an account. It is FREE to sign up, earning start with 200$ funding to someone his dream project! 

We Share Crowdfunding the power of sharing diagram


We Share Crowdfunding floor 0 We Share Crowdfunding floor 1 We Share Crowdfunding floor 2 We Share Crowdfunding floor 3 We Share Crowdfunding floor 4 We Share Crowdfunding floor 5