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What Is Crowdfunding !:    logo We Share Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the Internet’s Nr.1 newest, most exciting phenomenon and social trend for raising funds by providing a convenient website platform that allows people to support any project you create by sharing.

Forget all the fancy ways to do it!

1. Get your own incredible project and put it on your site.
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1. If they are thinking about their project, it will be easy for them to donate to yours.
2. Send them to wesharecrowdfunding.net/yourusername.
3. Call them back after they watch the video.

1. Explain they should share min $50+ 

The best way is 200$ for the best chance for success. ( Level 1 will be completed 🙂

2. Sign them up and tell them to read this and do the same.

Crowdfunding Has Been Featured by :

CNN, NBC,The New York Times & The Wall street Journal. 

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We $hare Crowdfunding   VS. Other Platforms
No fees Generally charge 3%-5% fees on your funds
Raise funds from a global network as part of the we$hare CrowdFunding intentional community. By sharing in this way, our unique platform allows your project to benefit by reaching more donors, thereby creating a greater chance for success. Puts the responsibility for raising funds entirely upon you and your local network of friends, family, and contacts; limiting your potential.
Community resources and tools actually show you how to raise funds and build your expanding network of supporters. Do not show you how to raise funds or find financial supporters; just simply provide the platform.
Create a win win, where all members help financially support all other members; a Community sharing business model. Only encourage financial support from a limited group of people who know you or personally sympathize with your project; not based on Worldwide Community giving and sharing.