What can I earn with My Advertising Pays ?

US citizens can’t start with MAP’s any more.  If you are informing with calculators for MAP you will be kicked out!  That is what happend to me!  I had 88 member + 670 leads helping maps grow his business!

We are showing you some samples what is possible !

successIf you are building a group it will grow faster.

You can become A Millionaire in 1 year with 175 members who have all 20 CP. Don’t withdraw your money to sone, you need all to grow.

Scroll down to find what fits to your possibilities ! We have made some samples for 1 person and also for a group of friends in business !

Earn up to $650+ A DAY, with the maximum investment of 1200 Credit packs! As a single person.

The top Global  Affiliated Leader Simons Stepsys of MAPs is making at this time $10K EVERY DAY.

He Started on 20-12-2013 ! Now there are  5350 Leeds in his group, growing every day ! Even when not all are active using the system ! 

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

You can see what will happen IF you are buying more credit packs, the results are amazing !

You can use the excel sheet and change only the dark green fields and see the results  in 1 year, for single person or with a group of new friends!

With a group you will make more money ! It is up to 10% on every CP of them For EVER ! Every CP is $5, test it in the calculator. 

How fast you are making money every day, like clockwork ! By clicking 10 ads a day $$$ 

See also the video’s and the live progres day by day ! Below the page !

 It will take some seconds before the Excel Sheet will start ! 

My advertising pays $ 3299 in 1 year profit share

Example how to make money with my advertising pays

When you start with a 1 pack it will look like this.  For 1 person ! No Friends. You will earn 6 times your investment ! $$$
My Advertising Pays Making money online 100% payments every day! Even if you are alone you can earn every month $556 with an investment of $1005 ! In 49 weeks ! With more investment it will go faster as you can think !  The Blue Line is showing the profit share growing every week ! Look down for more options.

Imagine what will happen if you will have 50 or more when you start ! Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.22.50Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.23.25Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.23.55

When you start with a 1 pack and 1 FRIEND it will look like this. 

Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.24.51

When you start with a 1 pack and 5 friends it will look like this. 

Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.25.14

When you start with a 5 packs and 5 friends it will look like this. 

Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.25.57 Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.26.31 Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.27.14 Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.27.50

This is the maximum of 1200 packs for 1 person ! For 1 year calculations. Every day you need to take $649,90. back to your bank account !! That will be a hard thing to do LOL

Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.29.19 Easy Screen Record 2014-05-22 02.30.09


Example of 1 person  how is starting with 20 packs !  You can start taking $556 every month out of the system. Without killing the MAP system! The Blue Line is your account balance growing until it went up at week 39 There you are able to withdraw $556 every monty . When you are repeating buying an new Credit Pack. To grow your total of packs to 130.


1 person and 1 friend,The Blue Line  is the point of 21 weeks, where you can take out every month money without hurting the system. Like this example $556 every month !

1 person no friends, 39 weeks $556 every month. The yellow line in the graphic is dropping down at one point. this are the 20 pacs that are complete the circle of $60 profit share. Because you have start with 20 for $49.95 reinvesting the profit share to by new CP. You can make money like clockwork ! Without a new investment every time.

There is one exception if you have 1200 CP than you need to bay every 70 – 99 day all new 1200 CP. But you have already made 20% more money than you have invest !

With 4 friends, you can already take $ 556 in 11 weeks.

With 5 friends you can withdraw after 37 weeks every month $1391, and not hurting the system at all ! You will have 600 Credit Packs in total, making money every day for you.

All you need to do is click 10 adversisments every 24 H !  That is all !


So it is up to you how your balance will grow.

In my team you will get the free calculator. To help you build your  own team.

Looking forward to work with you.

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!