How to use Monthly Product Codes in MAPs ? (Primetime 10%) members My Advertising Pays.

There are 5 ways to make an income with MAP’s  

1 of them is using the Product Codes to promote your Banners !

2 Promoting Affiliate products! Ore your own Website – Shop – FB – Twitter – YouTube en so on!

3 Setup a Campaign ! created a text advertisement , you can then assign credits to your campaign! You can create as many as you like. And still earning with you Credit Packs $

4 Credit Packs ! Buy as many as you can afford ! Click 10 Adv. every 24 hours ! en get up to $85.20 per click you make. Even on auto pilot for 30 days max!

5 Find new Leads, friends. Show them how you are making money every day ! Most powerful way. There is no limit !

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 Instructions Setup BANNER Campaign !

Go to your : Monthly Product Codes – Click Here! 

Each month on the day you upgraded your membership, the products that come with your chosen membership will populate here. The codes here will remain Active until you use them. When you are ready to use one of them, here’s how to do it:

  1. You can use this link : Please click on this “ it will send you to! Buy Advertising”        ( IF you are not yet in my team, ore like to be a member to of this amazing opportunity use this link to start! Learn more about it ! It is for 30 day’s FREE. What are you waiting for !! )
  2. A. Simply copy the code beside the banner product you want to use and make note of the size/placement and number of days specified for that code,
  3. B. Navigate to the Buy Advertising page in the tabs above,
  4. C. Select Banner Ads from the sub-menu,
  5. D. Select the size/placement of the banner product and number of days that was specified in your product code area,
  6. E. Enter in all other required information (it doesn’t matter which processor you choose), to include your Banner Product Code and click Preview.

Watch the instruction movie ! This will guide you .

On the review page, ensure that under Payment Processor it says “PC-[your product code #] 0% Fee” and that your check-out total is$0.00. If that’s what you see, click Process and you’re done! Your account will not be debited for the purchase. If it shows a total at the bottom of the review page above $0.00, then you have selected a banner product other than what your code is specified for, or your code is InActive. Click Back and ensure your selection is correct. Here’s to your Successful Campaigning!

Setup an text advertisement Campaign

Go to setup your campaign klick this link !

Please set up your text campaign(s). If you only have one business to promote, try different headlines and text/landing pages to gauge the performance and see which is outperforming. Adjust accordingly.

To set up your Banner campaign(s), please click on “Buy Advertising” It is in the tabs on the top of the website, in your members area ! You Need to be logged in !

You are allowed to have as many Traffic Exchange text ads as you like. Banner advertisements are also unlimited. Once you have created a text ad, you can then assign credits to your campaign via the Manage Campaigns page.

Here are some tips for text ads;

Create curiosity with your headline.
What problem do people have that you can solve with your product or service (whats in it for them)?
To increase your click through & conversion rate, create an irresistible free offer.
Bring your ad into the now. How can you help the person looking at your ad today?

Be creative and let your imagination take the reigns!

It will look like this !  To go there use this Link ! Set Up your text campaign !

Headline Text:
* 40 Max Characters
Text Description:

You have  characters left.
* 130 Max Characters

Separate Keywords/Phrases with comma
* 130 Max Characters
Target URL:

This is where you want to send a surfer
* 200 Max Characters
URL Display

“This is what will actually show on the Traffic Exchange as your link
* 35 Max Character

Watch the instruction movie ! This will guide you .