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Starting is very easy ! Even a child can do this, Clicking a maus $

Start plan !     Use also the Video’s below this text.

  1. Sign in! If you are not already a member.  ( If you need help send an, Email to Me )

Or Skype me, than I can help you direct

If You only signup, you will not make money, only you can get credit points to make some advertisements, in MAP’s !

Klick every 24 hour your 10 advertisements. Use the same time that is optimal for your daily routine !

  • You will earn now every 20 min money like clockwork !
  • Tuning into the ADDICTION of MAP’s, see your money growing every minute of the day. You will login the account many times, not only for clicking ! I am shore about that. Nobody can resist that !
  • When you are in the MAP’s live Online Income !
  1. All you need to do is Klick 10 advertising’s this will pay you for ever!
  • Every time you have earned $10 ore more you are able to withdraw your money to your E-waled, ( VX Gateway) STP. Or if you have $49.99 in the balance you can buy a new CP. That is up to you !
  • You can also generate a EXTRA INCOME stream with MAP’s ! 1) Advertise your brand. 2) Use your affiliate link to promote products. 3) Get extra traffic to your website, 4) Ore sell traffic to somebody his website. 5) Sell banners for a brand! You are now a part of a internet advertising company, that is going to be in the top of the top Alexa ranking. Use this for your self, an make extra money every day !

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!Video 1.  

How to sign up to your 30 days FREE membership ! Attention my Sponsor name is : Douglas Hoendermis .

Attention !! The link have to look like this one, this is my sponsor link Douglas Hoendermis . If it is not looking like this please do not use it. There are some popups how are stealing the new costumers of us! If you see the popup click it away! Sorry for the incofinion !  Now you will go automatically to my lead page ! Thanks for your understanding. I like, and I will help you in all the ways possible !!

Sign up link my advertising pays Douglas HoendermisVideo 2 

How to Buy new Credit Packs ! On My Advertising Pays, In my back office !

Video 3

How to top up your advertising balance in My Advertising Pays ! To buy more advertising, ore to use for upgrading your account to Primetime membership ! To get 10% of every new member you signup ! Every time they buy a some new CP’s, you will earn $5 on every Credit pack for ever !

Be aware about this first !

Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you are found to be collecting referral commissions on your own purchases, your membership will be terminated. 

My earnings seem to be variable (earning more one day than other days), why is that? 
Payouts depend on the volume of sales. At times, volume will be higher than others, so ones earnings will vary accordingly. ( $0.15 – $1) MA=$0.4899 date 28-06-2014 .

What happens if I don’t click 10 text ads by the time the timer in my back office runs out? 

  • You will stop receiving shares-in-profit until you click on 10 text ads.
  • If you anticipate a period coming up where you will be unable to click the required 10 text ads, you may purchase Vacation time in your members back office to avoid a lapse in earnings during the time you will be away. ( $5 per day max 30 days )

Why am I no longer earning on my Credit Packs!? 

  • Each Credit Pack you purchase ($49.99) will earn until its received $60 in return ($57 to your Available Account Balance and $3 to your Available Advertising Fund). Please check to see if your Credit Pack(s) has already returned $60 to you. If so, it is not qualified to earn past that point.
  • You may purchase another Credit Pack to begin earning on that purchase. If that is not the case, make sure you have clicked on 10 text ads in the Traffic Exchange within the last 24 hours.
  • And lastly, if your 30-day free trial period has expired, profit-share earnings will cease until you upgrade to at least Basic Membership.
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