10 best rouls for Binary option trading

1. always trade only 5 percent of the available investment capital per option . Risk management is very important here ! But if you only 100 , – Euro is starting to make it a minimum deposit of at least 25 , – Euro is required. Later, you would have to change to the 5 % model about.

2 . Whenever possible , take the price movements also true in another investment system , to assess the direction in which it will develop better . The rates are set by most platforms slightly different. But remember that it only comes to the accuracy of the expected direction of an investment !

3 . Performs a PUT or CALL order shortly before the expiration of the option in the system . Especially in volatile markets is the risk in this way clearly minimize .

4 . The settlement price is usually exactly in the opposite direction of the movement last performed shortly before the end . That is typical and appears to be correct . At least 80 percent of all cases

5 . Buy strong gusts up or down in the opposite direction . It’s just that after the publication of key economic data , the pointer deflects only once in the other direction for the “true ” direction is smashed .

6. Concentrate on up to four markets / securities and place no more than two orders simultaneously . Keep your tasks organized and do not waste your money !

7 . In volatile markets , it is often better options based on the end of a trading day to choose and not on the basis of hours . Especially in commodities and foreign exchange is often recommended !

8 . Should you find a suitable setup , please refrain from trading . There will be hourly another chance . Basically, you would have to consider binary options . Merely as additional trade Also a small profit per day makes for a decent amount at the end of the month .

9 . Make sure you celebrate in time if you have reached a nice profit. Avoid trading , set yourself a clear goal much profit you want to make a day and take profit consistently with it . Every trading day offers new opportunities !

10 . Buy something nice for your profit . A reward is important and motivating ! That is in addition to the first point is perhaps the most important line of the list . Only if you regularly own reward for your efforts to trade binary options will give pleasure in the longer term .

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