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With only $200, + Traveling the World.MWR Make Wealth Real
Launch of Europe was on 19 March 2017 in Paris France !
We where personally in Paris with the team for the Grand Opening, of France and Europe on the 19-03-2017.
It was amazing. And we have spoken to the Owner Yoni for a long time.
So how to earn with this great Traveling Program!  
  • All you need to do is Start yourself with a Gold pack of $198.97.
  • And find 3 persons who also like to Safe $500 per Month and Earn when Thy are Traveling in to the World!
  • If You do this You will be direct in the Position that you Earn $3 every Day Guaranteed for Life! + You will earn a Bonus at his moment in Europe $150 or in the USA $300. ( You need more points in The USA, that you will get with 3 Platinums who start with a $300 setup) 
  • So You are able to help You Friends to do the  same as you within 28 days, Your Earn the rest of your Life Every Day $10 + you Get a Bonus of $450!
  • So Where are you waiting for. It will get not More Easy! 
  • Summary : With a team of 3 members who have 3 members in 28 days,


  1. $3 Every Day.
  2. Within 14 Days 3 members = $150
  3. You help all 3 to get 3 members in 28 Days = $450
  4. Total = $600 You invest $199 = $400 in the first Month, payed at the end of the Next Month.
  5. + Every day $10 = $300 in Month 2 + the $400 = $675
  6. Everybody Loves Traveling, and earn when You Travel. 
  • There are 8 ways of earning, what you see is only the beginning 🙂


1 May We will get Not only Hotels :

  • Complet Traveling Attraction Parks
  • Airline Tickets
  • Cruses 
  • All inclusive
  • Exclusive Holidays
  • Attraction Parks
  • Adventure 
  • Car Rent
  • Bus Traveling
  • Time Share
  • Train Booking

+ We will get : Points If We Travel. This Points are Money, The more you travel the more you Earn!

Traveling and Earning When You Are Enjoying the Amazing Holidays,

You never will go back Home!   

France Kick Off 2017 MWR Life Traveling 19 03 2017

MWR live Meeting in Paris 19 Mrt 2017 Time and Hotel

My and Yony In Paris. MWR Life Yoni Ashurov ceo and Me Douglas in Paris France


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